Windows Intune: How to deploy software

In this blog I’ll explain how to import an application like Adobe Reader in Windows Intune, set the application ready for the deployment and install the application via Windows Intune Center.

Open the console and go to Software. At the right of the screen you see Step 1. Upload Software. Click on that link.

You get a new screen. At the first time, you will get a warning about a plugin. You have to install the plugin. Click Run.

You have to sign in with your Microsoft Live credentials.

Click Next.  This screen is not important. If you don’t want this begin page you could select Do not show this page again. Click on the Next button.

Before uploading the setup files, you have to take a look at and on the link Package KB. This site is a knowledge base for installing applications as network installation or application deployment. You get a lots of information about the setup arguments and registry setup tweaks.  For Adobe Reader example, you have to extract the downloaded file first. The files that are extracted is needed for the deployment. If the application setup is using more than 1 files you have to select Include additional files and sub folders from the same folders. Click Next.

Give the package a name. Click Next.

Specify the requirements what is needed for the deployment. I have downloaded the Windows 7 version of Adobe Reader. This is not working on a Windows XP machine. So, I have chosen for Windows 7. Click Next.

On this page you have to give some setup arguments. On the website you could find some handy arguments. Most of the arguments for MSI setup is /q or /Quiet. This one will installing the application on the background.  Click Next.

Summary page. Click Next.

The installation files are compressed before uploaded to the cloud. This is needed because the free space. By default you get 2GB of free space in the cloud. That’s not much!

The upload is ready. Click Next.

You are back at the console. You see the installation package in Software. Select the application and click on Deploy in the menu.

Click on Do not Install beneath Deployment and select for Install. You could also select it for a different group. In my example I’m not using groups. So I selected Unassigned Computers. This one is by default in Windows Intune.

The status of Deployed is from No to Yes. This will not say it’s already deployed on a computer, but the package is ready for deployment

On the client side open Windows Intune Center. Click the button Check for updates. It’s maybe strange that you have to check for updates because the software deployment is not an update. Unfortunately Microsoft have made this way. You have to check for updates if you want to deploy applications. So, maybe you will get a big list with updates and software deployment.

The check has found 1 update. Click Install updates.

Click on Review and install.

It’s the correct application. Click on install.

The deployment is ready and the application is installed. Click Close.


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