Deploy Windows Intune agent via Microsoft Deployment Tools (MDT) 2010

You have the opportunity to deploy the Windows Intune agent to the computers in your network. The deployment can with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), logon script or WDS in combination with MDT 2010.

This blog is only for MDT 2010. You have already installed WDS and MDT. Also you have made a deployment share via MDT 2010. I’ll not explain this in my blog. This blog is about how to deploy the agent via MDT. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about the installation of MDT 2010.

In the management console of Windows Intune you have the option to download the Windows Intune package. In this package you have a .exe  and an .accountcert file. These files must in the same directory. If you don’t do this you will get an error during the installation.  The information in the accountcert file is needed during the installation. During the installation the setup will make a computer certification for the computer. This is needed for the communication and authentication to the cloud. This way of deployment is working for x86 and x64 platform.

First go to the console. In the console you have to go to administration and then Client Software Download. Click on the button Download Client Software.

Save the file.

Click the button Open and copy the files and paste the file to the correct application directory of MDT 2010.

Open MDT and goto your deployment share -> applications. Right click on Applications and click on New Application.

This screen will appear. The first button has to be selected. Otherwise choose for the first option. Click Next.

Type the name of the package.

Browse to the deployment share directory. You should select Move the files to the deployment share instead of copying them. Otherwise you get 2 directory’s with the name Windows Intune agent.  I don’t why my selection is grayed out. I’ll get 2 Windows Intune directory’s. It’s maybe my test environment.   Click Next.

You don’t have to change this.

Add the installation file(Windows_Intune_Setup.exe) and argument /Quiet in the command box. This will install the agent at the background in silent mode. Don’t change the working directory.


And the package is made in MDT. Click Finish.

Now you have to make a task sequence for deploying an image or at this application to the exist task sequence.


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