Adobe Reader 10 – Windows Intune

In this blog I’ll describe the best way to deploy Adobe Reader X (version 10). This blog is also for version 9.  You have to download the offline setup file and the customization wizard. With the Customization Wizard we can  make a MST file. (answer file for the MSI setup)

First, go to this site:

Download the exe file: AdbeRdr1012_en_US.exe

You need the offline setup (the full setup package). The online setup won’t work with Customization Wizard.

Then download and install the Customization Wizard for the version 10.

Run the setup af Adobe Reader and don’t click on the next button. We do not want to install the application. So don’t continue or stop the installation. We need the extracted files. The files are located at: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Setup\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AA1000000001} Copy the files to a new directory.

After that you have to cancel the installation.

Run Customization Wizard, Startmenu -> Customization Wizard.

You have to edit Installation Options, EULA, and Online and

Installation Options:


Online and


After that you have to save the transform. Go to Transform in the menu and click on Generate Transform.. Save the file in the same directory.

Close Customization Wizard. If ask save the configuration to the msi file.

We are done with configuring adobe reader for Windows Intune Software Deployment. Now you have to upload the files to Windows Intune and prepare it for deployment.

Go to the management console and log in. Click Software.

Click on Managed Software.

Click Upload.

You have to log in.

Click Next.

Click on the Browse button.

Browse to the setup files and select the AcroRead.msi. Click Open.

You have to use additional files.  We need all files for the setup.

Give the package a name.

This is default.

You have to use the MST file for a unattended installation. You have to use the transforms argument. /q argument is not necessary. Command line arguments: TRANSFROMS=custom.mst

Summary. Click Upload.

Now we wait.

Upload is finished.

Next thing you have to do is set the package ready for deployment.

Select a group.

The package is ready for deployment. You could wait 8 hours for an automatically deployment or you could run Check for Updates in Windows Intune Center.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Reader 10 – Windows Intune

  1. You don’t have to run the installer to get the MSI. You can extract the archive using 7-ZIP.

    1. Oke, that’s easier. Thanks for the tip.

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