System Center 2012 Configuration Manager – Service Pack 1 (beta) Task Sequence BUG

Update 14-11-2013: This is not a bug. Read this on

The build and capture task sequence was updated to apply an operating system image instead of running Setup.exe for installation. You can still run Setup.exe for Windows 8 deployments by editing the task sequence in the task sequence editor. 


The problem is: if you add the source files from a Windows 7 setup DVD into SCCM you can’t use them because a bug in the wizard. If you make a Build and Capture Task sequence and browse to the Operating System installer package, there is no package.

In the screenshot you will see a folder called Root. This folder Root is the root of operating System Images. See for your self. I have a Windows 7 folder beneath the Root folder in Operating System installers. The Operting System Images is empty, so also no folders.

This is the view if I want to add the installer in the task seqeunce.

I don’t see the Windows 7 folder? Strange, but this is the “root” of Operating System Images.


You have to add the install.wim file from the source files directory of the Windows 7 setup DVD (folder). Follow the wizard to add the image.

After the wizard, go to Task sequence to make a Build and Capture Task.

Select Build and Capture. Select the added image and finish the wizard. Don’t use Join a domain, because we are using this task seqeunce to build a new image.

Edit the created Task Sequence. Highlight Apply Operating System.See right for the radio button Apply Operating System from an Original installation source. Browse to the installer (now you will see the installer package).

After that click on Apply and close the screen.

It’s now ready for build and capture.


6 thoughts on “System Center 2012 Configuration Manager – Service Pack 1 (beta) Task Sequence BUG

  1. Flu Birdhead

    Ah – finally someone experienced the same bug! – I was getting desperate trying to select the correct image using the wizard until I realized that this is simply a wrong link to selcect a wim-file which is pretty much useless at this stage of the wizard… 😦 In CM12 RTM the wizard was fine, in SP1 RTM the bug still exists. Do you perhaps know how to edit the wizard manually? – Must be some kind of xml inside the cm12 installation folders…

    1. Ok, thanks for the info. I don’t have a fix(yet), just a workaround.

  2. Lio

    The same bug is in the SP1 RTM too 😦 thank you crosoft

    1. Hmm.. little bit stupid of course. I have to install the SP1 RTM yet. Maybe I have some time next week. 🙂 I Let you guys know……

  3. “You have to add the install.wim file from the source files directory of the Windows 7 setup DVD (folder).” >>> Ok, I’ll add the it from DVD but to where???

    1. Into SCCM 2012. This install.wim file is a dummy so that you can finish the task sequence. After you finished with the wizard, you have to edit the task sequence and change the apply operating system.

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