#2 Troubleshoot: WSUS Remote Configuration failed

Ok, this is number 2 troubleshoot, and an easy one. This blog is about configuring WSUS in SCCM 2012. After installing and configuring the role “Software Update Point”, in other words SUP, is it possible that you received this warning in the logs. Error is:

Remote configuration failed on WSUS server

Getting new configuration state to 3 (WSUS_CONFIG_FAILED)

The log is WCM.log in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\

As you can see in the log the SUP will check the version of WSUS that you have installed on the server. Default installation via Server Manager is WSUS 3.0 SP2 without the hotfixes. This means you have to download KB2720211 and KB2734608. After that you have fixed this problem. After the installation SCCM can configure the WSUS remotely. Check the log beneath:

So, what I say, this one is easy to solve. You have to wait till the sync is done, can take a while. Be patience. Check also the component status in SCCM console.

TIP: Do not configure WSUS manual. You have to install the WSUS server only. The SUP role will configure the WSUS remotely. The settings must be configured in the SUP role and not in WSUS.

Good luck.


2 thoughts on “#2 Troubleshoot: WSUS Remote Configuration failed

  1. SCCMAdmin


    I have been trying to troubleshoot this error since 2 days now. And I have tried doing what you mentioned but still the error remains. Any more suggestions?

    1. Hello SCCMadmin 🙂

      Did you restart the server after you installed the updates(the know KB hotfixes)?
      Otherwise, you have to uninstall the SUP role from SCCM en de WSUS role from the server and restart the server. After that install the WSUS and the SUP role again.

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