#4 troubleshoot: CCMsetup error WOW64 Emulation Layer – Event ID 1109

I was deploying Windows 7 and Windows 8 images, but after installing Configmgr client it stops without any error or warning.

So, after checking the logs and eventvwr I got still no clue about the stop/failure. The only thing I could do is running the setup manually from the distribution point.

I ran CCMsetup.exe from \\SCCM2012\C$\SMSPKGE$\CM200014\ and I got this message:

This is btw on a Windows 7 machine, but I got also the same error on a Windows 8 machine.

Very odd, so the next step was copy the Client folder to the local drive and ran it from there, but after that I get still the same error. Checking the eventvwr I got this event ID.

Ok, now from the source directory. Running CCMsetup.exe from \\SCCM2012\SMS_CM2\Client and didn’t get warnings nor errors. So this must be a corruption after updating the package to the distribution point.

I have checked the settings of the package and found this option. This option is disabled by default. It’s a simple option and it’s says also if you want to run this from the distribution point you have to enable this.

I have enabled “Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points: ”

I have tried the installation from the share again, and it runs without any problems.

But this will fixed the deploying maybe not. If you have got still the same problem. Check this blog:https://albertneef.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/5-troubleshoot-couldnt-verify-cwindowsccmsetupmicrosoftpolicyplatformsetup-msi-authenticode-signature-return-code-0x800b0101-in-ccmsetup-log/



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