Windows Intune update, Q2/Q3 2014

How you doing, how you been? It’s a long time that I wrote a blog on my blogsite. I have been very busy at work and also at home. With 2 little children it’s a little bit messy at home, haha. But, this will change today. My blogsite has got a higher priority for the few coming months. I have (must) to blog more about Windows Intune en System Center, especially the integration Windows Intune with SCCM 2012 R2 (MDM/UDM feature). Beneath that I’m working on a corporate image for a company where I work with. A blog about this experience, with DaRt and MDT 2013 integrated, will coming soon.

This blog is not really that great, but I have to start with something 😉

Windows Intune update, Q2/Q3 2014 

Microsoft has introduce the new update policy for Windows Intune. The old one what Microsoft  managed was releasing a big update of Windows Intune once or twice a year, mostly in Q1 or Q4. The new one is splitting up the update into months, to speed up the release of the features.

The new features what’s coming in Q2/Q3 2014 are:

Flexible Deployment: 

  • Full MDM parity in Windows Intune standalone
  • Email/Wi-Fi Profiles, VPN and Certificates
  • Bulk IT enrollment of devices and devices targeting
  • Cloud-only scalability

Device Configuration Management: 

  • Windows Phone Enterprise Feature Pack support
  • Application Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Customizable IT  Terms of Use
  • Start Screen in Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Azure AD Premium integration in Company Portal

Email Configuration and Protection: 

  • Access to email only if device is managed


  • Family Safety in Windows 8.1
  • URL Filtering

 Device Data Protection:

  • Application restriction policies for iOS
  • Enterprise Wipe of Email (iOS) and access controls via certs
  • TPM cert enrollment
  • MFA support Intune enrollment.

I got this information from Henk’s blog. Thanks to Henk Hoogendoorn:



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