Part 6 – Configure Microsoft Intune – Windows Defender Firewall

This blog is all about Windows Defender Firewall. Also in MS Intune, you can manage the Windows Firewall on a Windows 10 device. Let’s begin with enabling the firewall on a Windows 10 device.

Go to the MS Intune portal -> Device Configuration -> Profiles

Create Profile.

Enter a name for the profile. Platform is Windows 10 and later. Profile type is Endpoint Protection. You see more settings, click on Windows Defender Firewall.

Click on Domain network

Enable the firewall and change the other settings. Click Ok. Do this the same for Private and Public network. Click Ok (twice) and then create for creating the profile.

Click on assignments and search for the group. Select the group and click on the save button.

After a few minutes the firewall is changed. Check the status on your Windows 10 device. Go to the control panel -> Windows Defender Firewall

This configuration is simple and it will turn on or off the firewall. For this configuration, there are no requirements except you have to use Windows 10 1709 and later for the full support of Firewall CSP, for more information about Firewall CSP:


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