Part 7 – Configure Microsoft Intune – Windows Defender SmartScreen

Windows Defender SmartScreen can also be managed by MS Intune. With a device configuration you can enable the SmartScreen. SmartScreen is a Windows 10 feature for browsing on the Internet. SmartScreen has been designed to warn users when unsafe websites are accessed in the web browser. This covers outright malicious sites that attack the browser or underlying system directly. More information about this feature:

Go to the MS Intune portal -> Device configuration -> Profile

Click on Create profile

Give the profile a name. Choose for Windows 10 and later. Profile type is Endpoint Protection. Click on Windows Defender SmartScreen on the right to get more settings.

Enable SmartScreen and click on Ok (twice). Click on Create to create the profile.

Click assignment and search for the group to apply this profile. Click on the save button. Wait for few minutes. Check the status via Devices -> All Devices -> Click on the device -> Device Configuration.

To verify if the profile work, go to your device and open Internet Explorer. Mostly if you run IE for the first time, you will get a popup with the question if you want to turn on SmartScreen. If you don’t get this window and you run IE for the first time, then the profile is doing its work.

Let’s check, open Internet Explore and go the menu Tools -> Safety -> Turn on Windows Defender SmartScreen..

You see that SmartScreen is turned on by MS Intune. And also for Microsoft Edge..

Ok, great… Now we have to test this feature. Open Microsoft Edge and go to this website: This will download a txt file. Click Open. You will get this message

Or you can try this website: and click on the links on the website.

You will get this message from SmartScreen.

This is a nice test and as you see SmartScreen is working. This will block unsafe websites for the users.


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