Part 13 – Configure Microsoft Intune – Microsoft Store for Business



Microsoft Store for Business is an Enterprise app store for Windows devices. You can manage volume-purchased Windows apps in Microsoft Store for Business (MSfB). MSfB will extend the standard Windows app store on Windows device with the apps which are managed by MSfB and delivered through MS Intune. The apps will appear in the portal of MS Intune and can then be delivered to the Windows clients. There are more in MSfB, like:

  • You can track how many licenses are available, and how many are being used in the Intune administration console.
  • Intune blocks assignment and installation of apps if there are an insufficient number of licenses available.
  • Apps managed by Microsoft Store for Business will automatically revoke licenses when a user leaves the enterprise, or when the administrator removes the user and the user devices.

More information about the integration:

Let’s begin


First, we have to connect MSfb with MS Intune. Go to the MS Intune portal -> Mobile Apps ->Microsoft Store for Business

Click on the Enable button to enable the sync with MSfB.

Click on the link Open the business store. Click on the login button in the right corner. Go to Manage.

Click on the button Accept.

Click on the button Got it.

Go to Settings -> Distribute. Scroll down for the Intune part.

Click on Activate.







Go back to the MS Intune portal and choose your language. After that click on the Save button. Now you can click on the Sync button.

But we didn’t add some apps into the store, so go back to MSfB portal. Search for some free apps in the store.

Go to Shop for my group and search for an app, in my example I was searching for remote desktop. Click on the icon of the app.

Click on the button Get the app.

The app is added to the inventory. Click on the Close button.

Click on the button with the dots and choose for Add to private store.

Go to Manage -> Products & service -> Apps & Software. The app(s) you just added is(are) listed here.

Go back to the MS Intune portal and hit the Sync button.

Let’s check if Remote Desktop is listed in the MS Intune. The sync can take a few minutes, so be patient.









The only thing you have to do in MS Intune is to assign to a group for deployment. Click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop for more information.

Click Assignment -> Add group -> Choose for assignment type required. For this time, I choose for all users and devices. So, click on the buttons Yes and Click on the Ok button(twice).

Click on the Save button the assignment is ready, now we have to wait few minutes.

Remote desktop is installed by MS Intune.

Check the status in MS Intune.



This is what we did in this blog post. We made a connection with Microsoft Store for Business (MSfB) With this integration you got a private store for your Enterprise apps, like LOB apps and volume-purchased apps. The only thing what MS Intune does is the distribution of those apps.


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